[][src]Trait activitystreams_new::activity::OptTargetRef

pub trait OptTargetRef: Activity {
    fn target_field_ref(&self) -> &Option<OneOrMany<AnyBase>>;
fn target_field_mut(&mut self) -> &mut Option<OneOrMany<AnyBase>>; }

Implementation trait for deriving Target methods for a type

Any type implementing OptTargetRef will automatically gain methods provided by OptTargetRefExt

Required methods

fn target_field_ref(&self) -> &Option<OneOrMany<AnyBase>>

Immutable borrow of target field

fn target_field_mut(&mut self) -> &mut Option<OneOrMany<AnyBase>>

Mutable borrow of target field

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impl OptTargetRef for Travel[src]

impl<Inner> OptTargetRef for ApObject<Inner> where
    Inner: OptTargetRef

impl<Kind> OptTargetRef for ActorAndObjectOptOriginAndTarget<Kind>[src]

impl<Kind> OptTargetRef for ActorAndObjectOptTarget<Kind>[src]

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